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At Haughton & Sons Tyres we deal with all types of tyre repairs, replacements etc. Call into our tyre centre or avail of our mobile service, designed to make your life easier! Our team look after all types of tyre problems:

It is recommended that you get your tyres checked regularly in order to ensure that they are in perfect working order. Your tyres are your only physical point of contact on the road. Drop into our tyre centre today for your tyre health check.

Avoiding tyre troubles

There are many causes of tyre troubles, the three most common being under-inflation, over-loading and speeding.


Surveys have shown that at least 25% of car tyres are under-inflated by more than 10%. Driving on under-inflated tyres is one of the primary causes of rapid shoulder wear and premature tyre failure. Over inflation may also result in un-expected vehicle handling and premature tyre wear.


By overloading cars and light vans it is likely to put excessive strain on tyres resulting in excessive over heating which in turn leads to more rapid wear and a greater susceptibility to impact damage. All of which can contribute to premature tyre failure.


Tyres are designed to withstand the demands that sustained high speed driving puts upon them, particularly in terms of heat generation. Tyres in good condition and correctly inflated will withstand this heat build-up at their maximum rated speeds.

However, if inflation pressures are significantly below those recommended then excessive heat will be generated, and in consequence wear will be accelerated and deflection will be greater with the risk of premature, and sometimes catastrophic

For your free tyre inspection and assessment call us on Tel: 01 903 6503 / 01 903 6505, email us on info@haughtontyres.ie or drop in to our centre in Ballycoolin

Our Tyres

Haughton & Sons Tyres stock tyres from the leading manufacturers, ensuring you receive a high-quality product. Our list of suppliers includes:

Goodyear Tyres:

Award-winning tyres with a long history of innovation. Goodyear tyres come recommended in over 80% of European tyre tests.

Pirelli Tyres:

Tyres specifically designed for optimum performance and comfort on all types of road. Pirelli tyres have been designed with leading car manufacturers.

Continental Tyres:

Winner of Tire Technology International’s ‘Tyre Manufacturer of the Year’ 2017. Continental tyres are leaders in road safety without compromising on driving comfort.

Michelin Tyres:

Michelin tyres are renowned for their efficiency, specifically designed to be durable and long-lasting as well as suitable for all types of road.

Dunlop Tyres:

Dunlop tyres are characterised by their high-performance, having been tested under some of the toughest conditions – racetracks. These tyres are ideal for those passionate about driving.

Michelin Tyres:

Firestone tyres are designed specifically for safety, reliability and value for money. They have tyres designed to perform on all road conditions.

Bridgestone Tyres:

Bridgestone design tyres to suit all driving styles and needs. Their tyres have been manufactured to provide optimum safety, durability and fuel efficiency.

Hankook Tyres:

Hankook tyres deliver unbeatable grip, control and performance across all disciplines. Tyres are available in a range of specifications to suit your vehicle.

For your free tyre inspection and assessment call us on Tel: 01 903 6503 / 01 903 6505, email us on info@haughtontyres.ie or drop in to our centre in Ballycoolin