Welcome to Haughton & Sons Tyres Established 1968

Welcome to Haughton & Sons Tyres, the home of tyre fitting and service since 1968. The company which is now in its third generation have kept their core family values in providing a great service at an affordable price. The company originally opened in Summerhill and is now located in Ballycoolin, Dublin 11. AT Haughton & Sons Tyres you can be sure of a warm family welcome each and every time.

Here at Haughton & Sons Tyres, we can help you with all your tyre requirements from repairs, replacement, and tracking.

We provide full fleet services to both Truck and Car clients with on-site fitting.

Serving all of North Dublin

For your free tyre inspection and assessment call us on Tel: 01 903 6503 / 01 903 6505, email us on info@haughtontyres.ie or drop in to our centre in Ballycoolin

About Haughton & Sons Tyres

Haughton & Sons Tyres were founded in 1968, in Summerhill Dublin 1, by Harry Haughton and was one of the first independent tyre outlets to open in Dublin, when the Ford Cortina, Hillman Hunter, Austin Morris, Vauxhall Viva and Rover MG ruled the road. Our first advertising slogan was "You'll never tyre from Harry's worth", which was a play on words from the TV series Harry Worth.

From the cross ply to the radial to the steel belted radial and on to the run flat tyres currently in use, Haughton & Sons Tyres have been at the forefront of tyre repair and replacement.

While the tyres and vehicles have changed dramatically the company ethos of friendly and affordable service has not.